Confusion Festival 2011/04/01
When it is a season, cultivation area 3.2ha, the confusion of 12,000 1,200 stocks bloom in profusion to Hosono Hara on Kamimasuda, Matsuida-cho district. The flowering period from the end of December to the end of February. The sale of cut flowers and the local special product is carried out during a period, and a folk art is shown on the day of the festival.
Open: The beginning of January
Place: Matsuidamachikamimasuda, Annaka-shi
Contact: 027-382-1111

Akima Bairin festival 2011/04/01
The garden of the plum that approximately 35,000 red-and-white plums bloom on the hill of 50ha in Akima Bairin. I hold Akima Umebayashi festival telling coming of spring at a village of the Akima. [event information] the meeting with the dish simmered in 2/27 flowering festival 3/6 potato society 3/12 Wadamachi, Chiba product spot sale society 3/13 Wadamachi, Chiba product spot sale society, outdoor tea ceremony 3/20 model photography society 3/21 little child rice cake
Open: The end of from February 19 to March
Place: Nishikamiakima, Annaka-shi (Akima Umebayashi)
Contact: 027-382-1111

Annaka-shi chrysanthemum pattern meeting 2011/04/01
Approximately 700 points of works which Large mum Bon festival, a bonsai, a chrysanthemum pattern member and the lover in the city including the cascade put great deal of effort in a meeting place and brought up are displayed. I please eyes of tourists visiting Isobe Onsen.
Open: It is November 20 every year from November 3
Place: Specially installed meeting place in Isobe Park
Contact: 027-382-1111

The Shinto music and dancing in Saginomiyasakimae 2011/04/01
In enlarged rooms on the second floor which have been dedicated to the spring festival, it is appointed by the important intangible cultural asset of the city. Arrive and dance attire and the aspect that a dance matched with a dance with 12 seats, flute three, drum one, bell and drum one, person of dance seven with a festival thing.
Open: Every year April 1
Place: 3311-2, Saginomiya, Annaka-shi
Contact: 027-381-2726

Ansei excursion(bean jam result and wampum) 2011/04/01
It is held one way approximately 29km to the Kumano honorific title of a Japanese god of the Usui mountain pass for coming and going foot having let you compete for the mind and body training of the clansman Katsuaki Itakura of the Annaka feudal lord (1855) on second Sunday in May in every year origin of the marathon in Japan and reason, Ansei two years. With the disguise figure full of ideas, I run through former Nakasendo highway to old Yasunaka ruins of a castle → Suginami tree → teahouse Honjin → Usui barrier trace → Sakamoto hotel and Kumano Shrine of the goal.
Open: started every year at 8:00 on second Sunday in May
Place: A start: Annaka-shi Cultural Center
Contact: 027-382-1111

Usui barrier Festival 2011/04/01
It is performed with a barrier trace with Ansei excursion on the same day on (second Sunday of May). A folk art is shown.
Open: Sunday every year second in May
Place: Usui barrier trace
Contact: 027-382-1111

Village Festival of the Usui Pass firefly 2011/04/01
The village executive committee of the Usui Pass firefly plays a key role and carries out activity to increase fireflies for ten years. I carry out "village Festival of the firefly" in cooperation with local inhabitants every year now. It is opened a store approximately ten stands, and a firefly begins to fly on that day from about 19:00. As for the in full bloom of the firefly, it is about time when it for from 20:00 to 21:00 of from the end of June to the beginning of July.
Open: The beginning of July
Place: Forest Park of the Usui Pass
Contact: 027-382-1111

Isobe Onsen festival 2011/04/01
The traditional festival that is held for three days of 14-16 days in August. A child miniature shrine, a variety hall are performed on the stage of hot-spring resort and Isobe Park. A fireworks display and the floating of lanterns in the Usui River riverbed have the value of seeing.
Open: Every year from 14 to 16 on August
Place: Isobe Onsen grounds
Contact: 027-382-1111

Isobe weel 2011/04/01
Open: From June 30 to September 16 from 11:00 to 18:00
Place: Isobe, Annaka-shi
Contact: 027-385-6959

SengatakiFudo festival 2011/04/01
I drew water from this Sengataki waterfall in old days in the Matsuida Castle. When the Matsuida castle falls, a princess "not to be able to suppose" escapes to here, and there is the legend that gave up the body to a waterfall. Around the basin of a waterfall, gods are worshiped including Acala.
Open: The end of March
Place: Hijishio, Matsuida-cho (Sengataki waterfall)
Contact: 027-382-1111

Poppy Festival 2011/04/01
Japanese allspice, a plum, a cherry tree, an azalea, a poppy are planted in a certain enjoying ume blossom park near top of Akima Bairin. The state that poppies (field poppy) blooming in May in particular fill up the site of approximately 5,000m2 is combined with the scene of the neighboring mountains wrapped in the fresh green and is like the world of the fairy tale at all. The parking lot has the entrance free.
Open: From the beginning of May to the beginning of June
Place: Nishikamiakima,Kamigokan
Contact: 027-382-1111

Oldness and festival 2011/04/01
An exhibition, a lecture, the marching parade of the primary schoolchild, a festival car mikoshi portable shrine, various events including the agriculture Festival are carried out.
Open: The middle of October
Place: Shinbori, Matsuida-cho others
Contact: 027-382-1111

Kanzen Shinto shrine, Myougi Shrine 2011/04/01
It is full of worshipers visiting it from visit for two years of Kanzen Shinto shrine, Myougi Shinto shrine praying at from the last day of the year to New Year's Day, the prefecture outside.
Open: Every year (last day of the year - New Year's Day)
Place: Ichinomiya, Tomioka-shi 1535/ 6
Contact: 0274-62-1511(association of Tomioka sightseeing)

Tomioka summer festival 2011/04/01
Various events including the Star Festival and the Bon festival dance are carried out in the downtown mainly on the Tomioka filature.
Open: Every year (about August)
Place: Tomioka, Tomioka-shi grounds
Contact: 0274-62-1511(association of Tomioka sightseeing)

I worship Tomioka in large quantities 2011/04/01
The festival of the city's greatest scale. The festival lantern which colors the night of the city area. 20 heroic, gorgeous floats which next affects from next. A musical accompaniment full of the vigor and a large contest or child mikoshi portable shrine of approximately 2,000 dances are performed.
Open: The middle of October
Place: Tomioka, Tomioka-shi grounds
Contact: 0274-62-1511(association of Tomioka sightseeing)

Myougi oldness and festival 2011/04/01
The dance of the medium and Yagi knob, a lion dance are shown.
Open: Every year (11/3)
Place: Myougimachi,Tomioka(the Myougi Shrine precincts)
Contact: 0274-62-1511(association of Tomioka sightseeing)

Honjo temple "goddess named kishibo-jin" 2011/04/01
It begins to perform a prayer of the health of the child. A stall links the eaves in the Nakacho Street whole area from the precincts, and callithump is carried out. I originally say a memorial service for Nichiren in the late Buddhist memorial service of the Nichiren holy priest. November 12 is a festival day and holds an expression of "Yaotorigo"
Open: Every year (11/12)
Place: 890, Tomioka, Tomioka-shi
Contact: 0274-62-1511(association of Tomioka sightseeing)

Ryukoji temple ""ten days and nights"" 2011/04/01
""A prayer to Buddha of the 10th praying to Buddha for ten days and nights"" is called praying to Buddha for ten days and nights (おじゅうや) for short and performs sutra-chanting or beads swing and prays for the healthy growth of the child. I am said to have begun in Kamakura Komyo-ji Temple and am performed at a temple worshiping a bookmaking dragon holy priest of the Jodo sect of Buddhism. In the dragon light temple, I perform praying to Buddha for ten days and nights in a citizen's object like the festival of the town.
Open: Every year (11/14)
Place: 1093, Tomioka, Tomioka-shi
Contact: 0274-62-1511

Roadside station "Myogi" outskirts illuminations 2011/04/01
Around roadside station "Myogi" which is near to ordinary year visit for two years festival crowds, Myougi Shrine, I attract the person who visited it by illuminations reflecting the image of the sexagenary cycle of the age. Holding time 12/31 (from 10:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.) ,1/1 - one-third (from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.)
Open: 12/31-1/3
Place: Myogimachimyogi, Tomioka-shi grounds
Contact: 0274-62-1511(association of Tomioka sightseeing)

I am like that or worship you 2011/04/01
""I am like that, or Annaka district and each group gather in a hall, and a festival"" is a festival once in two years when I can wave it from a child to the elderly together. It is the festival for the purpose of planning local activation by I carry out a classic festival, and succeeding. The festival car of each 12:00~21:00 district is congruent and ranges on Sunday on 17th when each 13:00~21:00 participation district festival car travels in each district on Saturday on 16th and operates Annaka district old road. I carry out a lion dance and various stall bazaars in a festival open space.
Open: The middle of October (every second year)
Place: Annaka, Annaka-shi district
Contact: Annaka festival secretariat 027-381-0762

Former Maruyama transformer substation 2011/04/01
The inside of the former Maruyama transformer substation which only the appearance can watch is usually available to the public. The former Maruyama transformer substation is appointed to the important cultural property of the country and is high Usui railroad inheritance of the value historically. Please drop in at this valuable opportunity. November 3-8 days from 10:00 to 15:00
Open: From 3 to 8 on November
Place: Former Maruyama transformer substation
Contact: 027-382-7622

Hot water illuminations of the mountain pass 2011/04/01
Day's hot spring "hot water of the mountain pass" is romantic! Gorgeous illuminations give glory around in front of entrance hall and a pond. Please enjoy fantastic time colored by warm light. Time: 17-22:00 parking lot: 100 access: From Shinetsu Line Yokogawa Station for taxi 5       From Joshinetsu Expressway Matsuida, Myougi interchange ten minutes
Open: From November 20 to January 10
Place: Hot water of the mountain pass
Contact: 027-380-4000